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What Is the Associated Press?

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The Associated Press, founded in 1898 is the most important news organization in the world. In its initial years, the Associated Press employed 2,500 reporters to cover events in more then 100 U.S. and 50 foreign cities. Many more journalists joined, and the collective effort reached more than six thousands newspapers. Today, AP still boasts almost two million members. But who exactly are they? Who are they and what is their past?

New York City-based non-profit news agency The Associated Press. It is not to confused with either the Australian AP Service or Pakistani Associated Press Service. Previously, the AP had been called the "Press Association". The AP is a cooperative organization of newspaper publishers that reports in English, Spanish, and Arabic. The AP has been recognized as an important news source and has won 56 Pulitzer Prizes.


The Associated Press has also expanded into the broadcast media. In 1941, it started to transmit news to radio stations. In 1974, the AP created its own radio network. In 1994, it created APTV, a worldwide newsgathering agency. In 1998, WorldWide Television News combined this organization. The APTN provides video to international broadcasters and websites. The AP moved its worldwide headquarters to 450 West 33rd Street. This street houses the WNET offices.

Since its inception, the Associated Press has been a major news agency for more than 165 years. They have contributed to the history of the Associated Press by reporting on all major events, including presidential elections and royal weddings. The AP is credited to reporting on all major historical moments. This is why it is so important that you know about the Associated Press. Here is more information about the history of Associated Press.

The AP has grown significantly over the years. While it started as a small cooperative of five newspapers in New York, it now has over two hundred locations in more than one hundred countries. The AP has won 52 Pulitzer Prizes and sets the standard for ethical journalism. Over 2,000 slaves were liberated by the AP's investigations into slavery in the seafood sector. The Associated Press provides local news to 378 newsrooms within the United States and more than 150 countries.

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In 1849, the AP opened its first news bureau outside of the United States. They met ships from Europe in 1874 before making their first trip to the United States. In 1876, the AP news correspondent Mark Kellogg was killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Melville E. Stone, the leader of the reorganization of AP, led to its reorganization in 1893. In 1899, Guglielmo Maroni's wireless telegraph was used by the Associated Press to cover the America's Cup yacht race off Sandy Hook in New Jersey.


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What Is the Associated Press?